The Pipino Box

What's in the box?

An ever evolving collection of product and collaborations through the lens of the PIPINO experience. This is how we share our most foundational, premiere product launches.

If it's in the box, that means it's perfectly PIPINO.

From Ric's Australian and Italian roots, to the salons of London and New York, to far flung photoshoots and clients in exotic places - a life on location, filled with world travel, is at the heart of PIPINO. 

The Box is about finding the best things in life - diving into the dark corners of every new place, the hot local tip or treat, exploring what works for different climates, and different members of the family.

Gathered from the beauty enthusiasts and pros who love sharing the glamour and taste of their cities - this is Ric's access (and now yours) to the most luxurious, effective, and delicious product worldwide, brought home to pair with the high performing tools and formulas of PIPINO.