PIPINO is about a legacy of family, clients and cultures - across continents and time. We put a high value on all perspectives through the full circle of life, from earliest babyhood to every stage thereafter. As a beloved international hairstylist for four decades, Ric has built a network of trust around the world - women, men and children who have grown with him through generations of family and friends. 

We started with haircare because that’s what we know best (and we know it like the best in the world.)

Now, from a lifetime of travel and experience with different climates and locations, ages and lifestyles, we're building the bridge from one life stage to the next. We put our experience, knowledge, a love for the very best, and a lust for life into each singular PIPINO product. We grow with you, and we’re determined to do it while leaving behind a better world for our own growing family. 

Ric is one of five Australian Italian boys from a Calabrian family, three of whom grew up to be hairstylists. After a childhood sweeping hair in his brother’s Sydney salon, he moved to London to become a top stylist among the UK fashion elite. Later on at Pipino Buccheri in NYC, his (other) brother’s legendary salon, Ric cut his teeth on the star editorial team and the glittering patrons who filtered through, and his path was set. 

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Pipino has a knack for creating long-layered looks that frame the face

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Ric Pipino is getting personal. Not with us, with our hair.